Monday, March 24, 2008

Background Information and Update

I have my main website at I go into great detail about my allegations of corruption at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and what I consider the collusion of the federal courts in this corruption. I also make an appeal to my previous representative that is illustrated there.

In this update, I learned that the alleged EEOC investigator is apparently still working at the EEOC and informed the news journal where I learned about this information. This also gives a snapshot into my allegations. This is the first part of my letter to this journal. Because of the limitations of this blogger, I must limit the physical evidence here but it is there at my main website in the first part of my article and in the introduction.

Hi Tri-City Voice:

From my past experiences with the press in my attempts to expose the most blatant acts of government corruption, I presumed you would not be interested but I thought I’d try again anyway. In your archives I came across your “Watercooler Counsel” columns by an EEOC supervisor, Rich Proulx. He answered common questions about workplace legalities. What shocked me though was when I came across an EEOC authority he cited, EEOC investigator Linda Scanlan at your website

I actually know these two EEOC officials from my cases at the EEOC. The following is a letter I sent to Proulx where I stated that this same investigator Scanlan had allowed the falsification of an Answer (response) to my EEOC Complaint by my previous employer’s, Certified Employment Group, client. Bingham McCutchen. Keep in mind that the Complainants are only read the Answers during the investigation and only after the case is closed do they receive written copies. And also keep in mind that this letter and the following excerpts are from reproducible federal court documents.